What Are the Advantages of Email Encryption: An Email Security Guide

 What is Email Encryption?

Email encryption works to disguise email content to protect private, sensitive information from being intercepted and read by parties other than the sender and the receiver.

Without encryption, malicious parties can gain unauthorized access to your email account. They may be able to see messages that you send. They could also potentially steal a range of personal and financial information or open email attachments.

While computers that send emails on public, unsecured Wi-Fi networks can be particularly susceptible to threats, hackers can also intercept emails on secured company networks as well.

By using encryption, the content of emails you send will be unable to be read by third parties. Even if emails are intercepted, the content will be indecipherable to them.

To protect yourself and your business, it’s a great idea to use email encryption software and services. This will help you stay safe and prevent the risks associated with sending unencrypted emDepending on the industry you work in, there could also be additional reasons to encrypt your emails and protect sensitive data. Email encryption may be required to meet certain compliance guidelines.

The GDPR highly encourages email encryption while HIPAA, CFPH, and CJIS all require it. Other important regulations highly encourage additional security measures when it comes to handling important data.

If you want to remain compliant in your industry, it can be well worth encrypting your emails and getting serious about email security in your organization.ail messages

 Prevent Message Interception

There’s a possibility that someone could intercept an email message and delay or resend the message in a fraudulent way. If you don’t encrypt your emails, messages could be stopped and then resent later on to scam the receiver or cause other problems.

By encrypting your emails, you’ll prevent a hacker from intercepting the message, altering it, and resending it with bad intentions. Be sure that you take email security seriously and take proper steps to prevent this type of dangerous intrusion.


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